Project Aftercare

Day two service is as important as the initial project delivery and installation

Delivery and installation is only the first stage of any project

We place huge importance on our day two service as we feel this is just as vital as our initial project delivery and installation.  

For each project, the Project ff&e team will be able to assist in any future procurement requirements whether this be product replacements or upgrades.

Ongoing support post installation

We are here for any eventuality that you might have after installation; from product training, repairs and replacement, providing spare parts, cleaning and environmental information on each product and confirmation of guarantees.

We will ensure that any issues will be handled quickly and efficiently, and we will always provide you with excellent after sales support both during and out of the warranty period.

Recycle and reuse furniture

Each project we work on presents an opportunity to recycle or redistribute furniture to households or charities.

We can re-upholster and re-work products once their guarantee period has run out — extending the life cycle of a product by up to 15 years.

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